Visitor's Guide


When You Enter the Library

Please fill out the designated form. It can be found on the Counter desk in front of the entrance gate.


A Library Card can be issued to anyone who wishes to borrow books. Some personal identification that shows your address (for example; a driver's license) is required. Please fill out a registration form and submit it at the Service Counter.

Other Policies and Information

  • Please take good care of all the books and materials of the Library.
  • Be sure not to disturb other people using the Library.
  • Food & Drink Policy: Kagoshima University Library permits the consumption of non-alcoholic beverages carried in covered containers. Cold snacks are acceptable in the following area: Amenity area in the Central Library; Amenity area in the Sakuragaoka Library; Study lounge in the Fisheries Library.
  • Mobile phones can be used in the Library but disruptive mobile phone use is prohibited. Phones should be set to silent mode in the Library building. Central Library users wishing to make or receive calls should be encouraged to do so in dedicated area within the Library.
  • Smoking is prohibited in any area.

Contact Information

Please put "" on the mail address behind "@."

- Central Library
  • 1-21-35 Korimoto, Kagoshima 890-0065
  • (TEL)099-285-7435
  • (FAX)099-259-3442
  • (e-mail)riyo@
- Sakuragaoka Library
  • 8-35-1 Sakuragaoka, Kagoshima 890-8532
  • (TEL)099-275-5205
  • (FAX)099-275-5204
  • (e-mail)sakura@
- Fisheries Library